Are you ready to create a life you’re truly passionate about?
*Limited Opportunity For Only 10 Heart Centered Individuals*
Limited Opportunity For Only 10 Heart Centered Individuals
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Would you like to uncover your passion for life through yoga, meditation & building strong empowering habits?
The Problem is when you live with the mental & emotional pressures life throws at you, it can leave you drained & unmotivated affecting your health, relationships, career & many other areas of life.

... But... What if:

... Overcoming the mental & emotional pressures of life was fast and easy

... & you could use yoga & meditation to help reduce stress, anxiety & gain clarity in your life

... & you could discover what excites you to relight your passion

... & you could finally beat procrastination to start achieving more

... & you woke up each day with a new fire inside to become the person you desire to be

How does that sound?

Well, truth is... This can be a reality!! I know because I've managed to do this alongside my amazing clients... And this can happen for you too!

Hey, I'm Holly Luton Founder of IGo Yoga...
And I help women (and men) overcome the mental & emotional challenges of life & uncover their passion through yoga, meditation & building strong empowering habits... 

But, not too long ago I was completely lost in life feeling like there was nothing to look forward to... 
... I had a job that I hated waking up to each morning...
... I kept attracting unproductive relationships that sapped my confidence and self esteem...

... I was in a vicious cycle with food & my body constantly putting myself down when I looked at myself in the mirror...
... Then the nail in the coffin was when I ended up in hospital with pneumonia, I burnt myself out working two jobs because I always had to much month at the end of my money...
The anxiety of all of this made me feel deeply depressed with where I'd ended up let alone where I'd be heading... So I made a decision while lying down in my hospital bed..."Things had to change!"

Not long after that I found myself a mentor, started practicing yoga & meditation then began making small changes in life that compounded & lead me to where I am today...

I quit the job I hated, found my soul mate & flew half way across the world to India to pursue a qualification in yoga & manifested Yoga Studio... IGo Yoga!

Since then I've worked with thousands of individuals sharing what I've discovered to help overcome the challenges life throws at them to create a life they love too...
Anyway, if any of this resonates the slightest & you're looking to make some changes in your life then landing on this page is no coincidence... I'd love to work with you over a 4 week period to discover what you want most & overcome any obstacle that's in the way of you achieving that goal in the Mindset Mastery Programme.

In saying that...

There are only 10 spots available for this life changing programme, and there's a strict application criteria. To be suitable you must meet the following conditions...
  • Ready To Take Action & Let Go Of Any Reasons Or Excuses That May Be Holding You Back
  • Willing To Listen & Be Open To New Ideas That Will Challenge Your Current Way Of Thinking
  • Ready To Set Challenging Goals That Will Scare & Excite You
  • Willing To Follow Weekly Online Lessons To Help You Build Empowering Habits
  • Available For Weekly Accountability Calls To Stay On Track
  • Willing To Complete Weekly Mind Clearing Yoga & Meditation Practices From Home 
  • Able and Willing to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
Click below and fill out the form to apply for a spot. Either myself or a member of my team will be in touch shortly to discuss your application.
Here What Others Have To Say...
“I First Met Holly At A Workshop After She Spoke, She Was So Inspiring & After Seeing Her Speak I Just Had To Have A Conversation With Her. I Used To Feel So Stressed & Constantly Took It Out On Those Closest To Me. Holly Helped Discover The Cause Behind This & Gave Me The Clarity & Direction I Was Missing. Now, I No Longer Mindlessly React, I Wake Up Every Day Knowing I'm In Full Control Of My Day & Do Not Allow The Past To Dictate How I Feel.” - KAV BINNING
“Working With Holly Has Pushed Me More Than Anything, I Was Always Struggling With Negative Self Talk, Telling Myself I Wasn't Good Enough But Holly Helped Me Get Over This And Now, I’m Doing More Than Ever And Feel So Confident Now. I’m No Longer So Stress Out, I’ve Got Clear Goals & I Know What I’m Working Towards Each Day!”- KATIE HAYWOOD
"After Feeling Like I Lost Myself Holly bought out thoughts and thought processes In Me I had forgot I had which enabled me to get back on track. Massive thank you to Holly for her time, patience and expertise, much needed and greatly appreciated. Anyone interested or procrastinating about having a clarity session...DO IT.. I can highly recommend it." - ANGIE COOK
"Thanks so much Holly... I've gained amazing value and I have the  guidance that I need to keep me on this path, I'm definitely out of my comfort zone but I Will 'keep on keeping on'. I'm looking forward to my journey!! Thanks again " - JOLENE JOLENE
“I Had No Confidence, Felt Lost & Overwhelmed With The Direction Of My Career. From The First Day I Spoke To Holly She Broke Things Down So Simply Which Helped Me Understand Why I Was Feeling That Way & Why I Always Procrastinated. I Feel So Much More Excited Now, I Have A Clear Direction & I'm Finally Attracting Everything I Need To Be Where I Want To Be.”- SHARON DALEY
“I Always Used To Blame Myself But Holly’s Guidance Got Me Out Of That Mindset & Seriously Helped. After My Divorce I Had Zero Confidence But With Holly's Help I Managed To Meet Someone Who Appreciated Me For Who I Was. Holly Has Transformed me, Her Energy Is So Addictive I Could Be Around Her 24/7” - RAJ MOORE
"I had major fear & anxiety after teaching my first yoga class, I doubted if I should continue. Holly advised I start my journal now and I'm taking her amazing advice on board to self affirm positivity. I am so grateful to Holly for her incredible support and advice but more importantly for believing in me and for helping me believe in myself. I am a yoga teacher & I'm proud!" - KAREN ONDRAK-WRIGHT
"Working With Holly Gave Me So Much Clarity When I Felt Lost. Following Her Guidance I’ve Managed To Quit My Job I Hated, Go Full-time In My Home Business & Now I Get To Spend Quality Time With My Daughter" - TARYN COX
Presented by Holly Luton
Founder of IGo Yoga & Mindset Mastery Coach
Holly Luton is an award wining heart-centered coach & yoga teacher with BIG dreams. After working with the hardest to help young people and adults for over 5 years in a full-time teaching career she decided to quit her job & fly to India to pursue her goal of becoming a yoga teacher & help women overcome the mental & emotional pressures of life & become everything they're capable of becoming. She has touched the lives of thousands of individuals & continues to do so through IGo Yoga Studio & personal & professional coaching.
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