Guided Meditation Series
Discover How To End Your Battle With Self Sabotaging Beliefs So You Can Finally Calm, Heal & Restore Order To Your Mind & Body
Free Guided Meditation Series Of Mindful Lessons Include:
  •  Lesson 1: Discover Why Meditation Is So Powerful & How To Use It To Create Massive Change In Your Life... Even If You're Brand New!
  • Lesson 2: Discover How To Identify & Remove Unconscious Blocks That Stop You From Being Happier, Healthier & Creating A Life You Love
  • Lesson 3: Discover How Invoke The Power Of Karma To Only Attract Positive Results Into Your Life
  •  Lesson 4: The 6 Steps You Need To Follow To Get Powerful Results From Your Meditation Practice
  •  Lesson 5: Discover How To Manifest Your Ideal Reality Through The The Power Visualisation
  •  BONUS: Get Access To An Accompanying Guided Meditation Audio You Can Use Alongside Each Lesson To Calm Your Mind & Maximise Your Results
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Why Should I Practice Yoga?

“Over seventy-five scientific trials have been published on yoga in major medical journals. These studies have shown that yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity that also has important psychological benefits due to it meditative nature” -Steffany Haaz, MFA, RYT

Here are some of the scientifically proven benefits of yoga;

– Increases flexibility – Promotes better balance -Increases feelings of well-being and improves body image – Regulates high blood pressure – Reduces pain, including that caused by chronic back problems, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoporosis. – Helps relieve depression -Reduces stress- Reduces tension, anxiety, and worry – Helps relieve premenstrual and menopausal symptoms – Benefits the heart and increases cardiovascular function – Increases immunological and digestive function – Elicits the relaxation response

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